Why Root Rescue Transplanter?

  • Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural, beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. 

  • A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally, reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals

  • Use Root Rescue's whenever you plant, and give your garden the healthiest start possible.

  • Mycorrhizal fungi, the beneficial soil fungi in will go to work helping your planting immediately, and they will stay with your new plants for life. Once and done!

  • Not only are Root Rescue products environmentally friendly and organic, they also produce fantastic results! Transplanter is an OMRI Canada Registered Organic Plant Starter.

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What are Mycorrhizal Fungi

Using their surplus carbohydrate as currency, plants establish many partnerships in the soil; one of the most essential is the symbiosis with a group of specialized soil explorers called mycorrhizal fungi. At the invitation of the plant, mycorrhiza hook-up to the roots. Supplied with carbohydrate energy from the root, the filaments (hyphae) of the fungus rapidly expand into the soil - creating a living pipeline to and from the root. In exchange for a sugar meal, mycorrhizal fungi deliver water and nutrients their plant host needs. And unless the soil is disturbed, this partnership will remain permanent. Learn more about the Science of Mycorrhizal Fungi here. 

Root Rescue is a certified organic mycorrhizal inoculant, the concentrated mycorrhizal powder is simply added to water, and applied when you transplant.


Root Rescue products can save your business money and improve client satisfaction


Improve results in your garden sustainability and safely.


Ensure your customers receive plants better prepared to survive transplantation, all while reducing your costs


Offer your customers a superior option for growing the plants they love - in the most environmentally sustainable way possible


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