Earth Day - Tree Planting Relay

"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility."

- Wendell Berry

It's in our hands

Canadian communities are gearing up for a green extravaganza like never before. Picture this: a relay unlike any other, where the baton isn’t passed between runners but between thriving trees, racing towards a cleaner, greener and healthier future. 

In honour of Earth Day, April 22nd marks the annual tree-planting relay, where municipalities across Canada commit to planting 50 trees. On the 22nd of each month, one city pledges to plant 50 trees and then “hands off the relay baton” to the next city for the following month to highlight their dedication to addressing climate change and reiterate their commitment to sustainability.

Partnering for a better future

This year, Root Rescue is proud to announce that we will supply four of the participating cities, Ormstown Quebec, Plaster Rock New Brunswick, Cornwall Ontario, and Birtle Manitoba with Root Rescue Transplanter to protect and fortify the 50 trees planted by each municipality and ensure their thriving for years to come.

It starts in the soil

As our minds search for answers to the collateral damage chemical fertilizers cause to the land, dramatically increasing CO2, and soil degradation this Earth Day, it’s important to remember the profound significance of trees and forests and their vital role in our planet’s health and our community’s well-being.

Supporting The Web of Life

Leafy green giants and all manner of green plants support an atmosphere/ecosystem ideal for humans through the amazing power of photosynthesis. Plants have sustained and nurtured a world where life has evolved and flourished for hundreds of millions of years. Our green benefactors keep atmospheric CO2 at a level conducive to multicellular life, maintain global temperatures in the habitable zone – all while pumping life-sustaining Oxygen into our shared environment. As humans cut down the Amazonian rainforest and pollute our forests, it is vital to understand these actions are anti-life and far better solutions exist. Root Rescue Transplanter harnesses a multimillion-year-old symbiotic relationship developed between Mycorrhizal fungi and plants; ensuring plants not only survive - but thrive - by weaving a mycelial web of life throughout an incredibly rich and vibrant community of soil microbes. 

Join the Relay

This Earth Day, join Root Rescue and your municipality by planting trees, helping a tree planting cause, and using organic, natural Root Rescue Transplanter.   

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