Root Rescue: In the News

Shaking hands with fungi

Ontario-based Root Rescue also leverages symbiotic relationships. The company’s Transplanter product harnesses the power of mycorrhizal fungi to put life back into soil. It’s made of 18 different fungal species, with no added chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, and is CFIA-certified. It can be applied while planting or injected into the roots of previously planted trees and shrubs.

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Greening from the ground up

The Root Rescue story technically began in 2003, but you could say the seeds were sown long before the product was even a twinkle in this fun guy's eye. Reeves grew up in the nursery and garden centre his family owned and operated for generations. 

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Mycorrhizal Fungi: In the News

Fungi Are Helping Farmers Unlock the Secrets of Soil Carbon

By tapping into underground fungal networks, farmers are learning how to build lush, spongy soil that supports healthy plants and stores carbon underground. 

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