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Your garden is a reflection of your love, sweat, and toil. So wouldn’t it feel good to know that the choices you make when gardening are also helping to heal your local environment - and fight climate change?

Climate change is real...and yes, it’s scary. But if each and every one of us make better choices, we stop being part of the problem, and we become part of the solution. That’s the power of One.

When you use Root Rescue products in your garden, you are taking an important step towards healing your soil...and living, healthy soil is what the world needs now.

And you just became an Eco-Warrior - Congratulations! That wasn’t hard at all.

P.S. - You will also be using a highly-effective all-natural product! Plants love Root Rescue!

What our customers are saying:


This stuff is awesome!! 48 hours after application my soil was covered in mycelium. Root growth exploded and plants as well. Customer for life!

Artec 1982

If you want strong healthy plants this is the stuff you want! This stuff is just completely amazing I was skeptical, but boy was I ever wrong.


Great for Transplants! Have used this in numerous tree and shrub transplants. Recommended by local pro tree farm. Works like a charm. Trees healthy and happy.

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Make Root Rescue's your first choice, and start making a difference.

Transplanter works naturally to deliver stronger, healthier, more sustainable results, and your garden will become an environmentally safe haven for your family, friends, and pets.

Transplanter is safe, natural, and certified organic; and you’ll no longer be dependent on the harmful synthetics that leach out of your yard and damage the wider environment.

And it’s easy and safe to use!

Just mix a teaspoon of our highly concentrated powder into a 7.5 litre (2-gallon) watering can and thoroughly soak the roots and new soil around your new plant – you're done.

And don’t worry. It is impossible to over-apply or burn roots using our totally organic Transplanter solution, and once the root zone is saturated, any runoff will only benefit nearby plantings or lawns.

Where can I find Root Rescue Products?

Just click the ‘Where to Buy’ tab at the top of the page to find out where you can buy Root Rescue products.

Have more questions about our products or how to use them?

Check out our frequently asked questions section on our website by clicking the link below.

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