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There's nothing worse than having a happy client turn sour when they see their recently planted oasis struggle. Replacement planting hurts your bottom line, increase labor costs, and damages your professional reputation.

But by choosing to use Root Rescue's you can

  • Virtually eliminate the expense of transplant failure

  • Save $$ on materials, time and labor

  • Enhance your professional reputation

  • Introduce your clients to a superior non-synthetic product 

  • Become an innovator in sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping

"Amazing Results! We won a bid for a municipal street tree planting project a few years back, and we used Root Rescue. The results were incredible. We planted 1000 trees, and the survival rate was 98.3%!

We have continued to use the product with all our planting projects."   

David Lammers - Garden Grove Landscaping

What is Root Rescue ?

Root Rescue's Transplanter is formulated and proven
to help plants adapt to the soil environment on any planting site.

The formulation delivers a host of dormant mycorrhizal fungi

directly and evenly to the root zone of the plant

Delivering the dormant fungal spores into the soil around the roots wakes them up - and within days they will begin to form a life-long beneficial symbiosis with plant roots

These fascinating fungi from partnerships with the roots of plants (in undisturbed natural landscapes) All over North America. They partner with plant roots and secure resources in the soil that roots alone cannot find. 

Plants that have mycorrhizal communities working with their roots are much more resilient and are more able to cope with the shock of being moved from the nursery to their new home. 

The use of Transplater's mycorrhiza-rich formula eliminates the need for synthetic plant start products (And that's a big WIN for everyone!)

The result is plant success.

And happy plants means happy clients!

The client doesn't want to see their beautiful new plants struggle - and you

don't want the phone call when they do

Darian - Vision Landscaping & Design

You have an amazing product! My company uses it in all of our installs and maintenance work. I believe that every garden in the world should use and apply Root Rescue products.  

Val - Garden Essentials

I have a few ideas about offering customers a one-time Root Rescue application. I am truly amazed at what Root Rescue does to help a garden mature in a very short amount of time

David Lammers - Garden Grove Landscaping

Amazing Results! We won a bid for a municipal street tree planting project a few years back, we used Root Rescue and the results were incredible. We planted 1000 trees; the survival rate was 98.3%!

Best of all, is easy to apply!

Transplanter is a wettable powder that uses water to deliver its benefits quickly and evenly to

the root zone as you plant - or after planting - whatever works for you

It is impossible to over-apply or burn roots using our totally organic Transplanter solution

Once the root zone is saturated with the Transplanter, any runoff will only benefit

nearby plantings or lawns. So be generous - it's all good!  

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