Are you interested in trying our
Root Rescue Transplanter?

Imagine having your garden filled with plants and flowers so vibrant that when you post a picture on Instagram.. no filter is needed ;)

Just one application of Root Rescue will...

  • Help your plants thrive (without synthetic fertilizers).

  • Help protect your family, your pets, and the environment from dangerous chemicals 

  • byproducts found in synthetic garden products

  • Help protect your garden from subterranean pests and diseases.

After using Root Rescue, you'll never need to use chemical fertilizers again.
Spend less time stressing about your plant's survival and more time enjoying their beauty

Discover nature's organic: Mychorrizal Fungi

It's all natural, organic, and environmentally sustainable.

Are you ready to follow Mother Nature's lead?


The University of Guelph conducted a scientific study between 2009 - 2014 on more than 2100 trees in 5 different locations in Southern Ontario.

Half the trees were treated with Mycorrhizal Fungi (the active ingredient in Root Rescue). The other half were not.

The Results:

  • Trees with mycorrhizal fungi with mycorrhizae absorb way more water (especially during the drought conditions of a very dry summer) than trees  

  • The trees that formed a symbiotic relationship with the Mycorrhizal fungi were able to adapt and tolerate the stress and challenges of a dry season and still thrive

  • The trees without mycorrhizae couldn't deal with the stress and had to shut down for portions of the day to avoid becoming completely dehydrated

  • This difference between both groups of trees became bigger over time

  • Trees with mycorrhizal fungi were stronger day after day, preserving all their leaves with vibrant green colour