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45 Gram Root Rescue Transplanter (Buy 3-Ship is Free)

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Use Transplanter whenever you plant Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Perennials Annuals or Food Crops. Transplanter is an OMRI Canada Registered Organic Plant Starter.

Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally; reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

Use Root Rescue's Transplanter when you plant new trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials, annuals or food crops . Give them a healthy start – the beneficial soil fungi in Transplanter (a rich consortium of 18 different species of Mycorrhizal fungi) will go to work immediately helping your new plants, and they will stay with your new plant for life. Once and Done.

Transplanter is a wettable powder containing 18 species of Mycorrhizae and bio-stimulants. Easily mixed in water, Transplanter is applied as a drench to the root zone.

The 45-gram pack makes 75 Litres of solution and will treat 40 x 1 Gallon plants, or 2 x 24” (60 cm) Wire Basket Trees. CFIA Reg #: 2015122A.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jane Morgan
Excellent product!

My garden loves Root Rescue, just like me! I’ve used It for several years now, recommended it to friends, and always appreciate the excellent customer service. A winner all round! Thank you, Root Rescue.

Just buy it !

Just buy it ! Your welcome. This stuff is awesome!! 48 hours after application my soil was covered in mycelium. Root growth exploded and plants as well. Customer for life!

Looked a lot happer

Plants only need to be treated once with this. Mixed it exactly as prescribed and put a gallon on each plant in 7 gallon fibre pots. After a few days plants really looked a lot happier - LOL.

Artec 1982
Stuff you want!

If you want strong healthy plants this is the stuff you want! This stuff is just completely amazing I was sceptical ,but boy was I ever wrong.

Andrews O
Great Rooter!

Great Rooter! It’s great - made my plants flourish after the transplant.

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