The benefits of Mycorrhizae in Root Rescue Transplanter include:

Improved resistance to Transplant Shock

Increased drought and salinity stress tolerance

> Helps plants establish new roots

> Increased Water and Nutrient uptake

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What our customers are saying:

Darian - Vision Landscaping & Design

You have an amazing product! My company uses it in all of our installs and maintenance work. I believe that every garden in the world should use and apply Root Rescue products.  

Val - Garden Essentials

I have a few ideas about offering customers a one-time Root Rescue application. I am truly amazed at what Root Rescue does to help a garden mature in a very short amount of time

David Lammers - Garden Grove Landscaping

Amazing Results! We won a bid for a municipal street tree planting project a few years back, we used Root Rescue and the results were incredible. We planted 1000 trees; the survival rate was 98.3%!