Just one application of Root Rescue will...

  • Help your plants thrive (without synthetic fertilizers).
  • Help protect your family, your pets, and the environment from dangerous chemical byproducts found in synthetic garden products.
  • Help protect your garden from subterranean pests and diseases.
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After using Root Rescue, you’ll never need to use chemical fertilizers again.

Spend less time stressing about your plant’s survival and more time enjoying their beauty.

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Mycorrhizal Fungi

  • Discover nature’s organic super grower: Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • It’s all natural, organic, and environmentally sustainable.
  • Are you ready to follow Mother Nature's lead?
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Scientifically proven. CFIA certified.

The University of Guelph conducted a scientific study {hyperlink to science page} between 2009-2014 on more than 2100 trees in 5 different locations in Southern Ontario.

Half the trees were treated with Mycorrhizal Fungi (the active ingredient in Root Rescue). The other half were not.

The Results:

  • Trees with mycorrhizal fungi with mycorrhizae absorb way more water (especially during the drought conditions of a very dry summer) than trees without mycorrhizae
  • The trees that formed a symbiotic relationship with the Mycorrhizal Fungi were able to adapt and tolerate the stress and challenges of a dry season and still thrive
  • The trees without mycorrhizae couldn't deal with the stress and had to shut down for portions of the day to avoid becoming completely dehydrated
  • This difference between both groups of trees became bigger over time
  • Trees with mycorrhizal fungi were stronger day after day, preserving all their leaves with vibrant green color
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