Better than Organic...Better than Sustainable
Better for your Customers....Better for your Bottom Line

As a garden centre retailer, you not only have a love for making the world a greener place, you also care deeply about your customer’s experience; both in your store and in their garden.

So, when they return dead plants, you suffer twice. Once from their negative experience, and once in the pocketbook.

If there was a way to virtually eliminate “dead plant refunds”...and also enhance your customer’s experience...isn’t it worth looking into?

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Why Root Rescue Transplanter is superior to traditional Fertilizers:

  • ● Salt-based synthetic fertilizers boost the nutrient content of soil temporarily, but they negatively impact the environment.
  • ● Fertilizers may temporarily help plant growth, but they also harm the planet, and cause unacceptable collateral damage. Fully 80% of applied synthetic fertilizers leach out of the soil and cause problems down-stream. Only 20% off applied fertilizer actually ends-up where it was intended to go - in the plant. That’s incredibly low efficiency.
  • ● Synthetics also disrupt or damage living soil ecology. And these living microbial soil communities are what normally sustain plants. And with Soil Life sidelined, plants struggle.
  • ● Organic fertilizers are a far better environmental option, but they too have one drawback; their benefits also wear-off quickly, and require repeated application.
  • ● So, once the fleeting benefits of a fertilizer have gone, the damaged soil microbial communities can’t pick up the slack, and plants begin to flag. Which means your customers become trapped in a vicious cycle of fertilizer reapplication (with all of the collateral damage that fertilizers cause for all of us).

Fortunately, Root Rescue’s Transplanter is better than that:

  • The active ingredients in our product (a family of Mycorrhizal Fungi (link to the description of MF) are living organisms.
  • Once active in the soil, they form a permanent symbiotic bond with plant roots.
  • Together, the roots and fungi grow stronger, faster - and they protect each other from soil pathogens and predators. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.
  • The symbiotic relationship between the plant roots and the mycorrhizal fungi is so efficient that it’s not just environmentally’s environmentally restorative! Every day that this partnership operates, the soil grows deeper and more productive.
  • All of the digested nutrients that the mycorrhiza find or produce are delivered directly into the roots of their plant host - nothing escapes to wash downstream. This is a closed-loop system. Healthy, sustainable, and only clean water flows out of this system when it is saturated.
  • And as a bonus, our products contain no animal by-products or GMO’s.
  • The best part is, Root Rescue Transplanter only requires one application to be effective.
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When you make Root Rescue Transplanter available to your customers, you not only improve their gardening experience, you also meet the demands of a changing world by playing a bigger role in the fight against global warming. We’ve even made sure that our beautiful and durable packaging is completely recyclable

The fact that you will also improve your bottom line is just the cherry on top.

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