We can all do our part... one landscape at a time.

Millions of years ago, a symbiotic relationship evolved between certain types of microscopic fungi (called Mycorrhizal Fungi) and plant life, allowing both to thrive. This symbiotic relationship exists to this day and can be observed in every forest. It is essential for the survival of natural landscapes all over the world.

From the smallest shrubs to the tallest tree, in nature, the roots of most plants maintain a symbiotic connection to these wonderful fungi, and this symbiosis can literally be the difference between a struggling garden and a thriving one.

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How does using all-natural, organic Root Rescue benefit everyone?

First and Foremost, using Root Rescue benefits the whole environment. Here’s how:

  • Plants draw-down global-warming CO2 from the atmosphere every day; breathing it into every green leaf to fuel Photosynthesis.
  • And then, plants breathe out Oxygen as a waste product (not a bad deal for oxygen breathers like you and me).
  • Through photosynthesis, the Carbon in atmospheric CO2 is converted into Carbohydrate – a simple sugar.
  • The sugar produced during photosynthesis fuels the plant’s growth - but - at least 40% of it is transferred down into the soil to feed communities of beneficial soil microbes too.
  • In return for the sugar meal provided by the plant, the communities of living organisms in the soil (the Soil Microbiome) provides the plant with water and digested nutrients.
  • So, through their intimate partnership (symbiosis) with soil microbes, plants take CO2 from the atmosphere and send it down into the soil - every day.
  • This is Earth’s Living Carbon Sequestration Engine in action!
  • But, for nature’s beautiful carbon sequestration engine to work, the soil microbiome needs to be in good health. The right microbes need to be there near the roots - and that’s where we come in here at Root Rescue.
  • By maximizing plant root/mycorrhiza partnerships in the soil, we ensure that soil health, plant health, and environmental health are all achieved.
  • Not bad for one all-natural product!

Home Gardeners

  • Home gardeners are leading the charge towards organic growing options, and it’s easy to understand why.
  • When gardens and cultivated landscapes are planted using organic methods, it provides a safer environment for everyone.
  • Not only is an organic, chemical-free garden safer for you, your kids, grandkids, and pets but also for the busy bees (who do their extraordinary work) as well as the birds and all other living creatures.
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Landscape Professionals

  • A growing number of your clients demand sustainable, organic growing options, and Root Rescue products will help you meet this growing demand.
  • The plants you deliver to customers will be healthier and more self-sufficient; which means they will be better prepared to survive harsh, unpredictable weather and damaged soil conditions.
  • he reduction in re-plantings will save you $, and you’ll have happier clients.
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  • When your customers demand something you can’t provide, you not only lose one sale, you risk losing the loyalty of your customer base.
  • When you rely on salt-based synthetic fertilizers to sustain the plants you sell, your bottom line will be harmed as (way too many) plants get returned for refunds.
  • Once you become a leader in advocating for natural, organic growing products, you will elevate your reputation - and your bottom line.
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Commercial Growers

  • As a commercial grower, you live on the front lines of change
  • When you apply natural, organic growing methods to the cultivation of your nursery stock, you’ll be making yourself a leader in the movement towards a more sustainable industry and a sustainable environment.
  • As you adopt Root Rescue products as your go-to replacement for overused synthetics, your plant survival rates will increase, irrigation demand will lessen, and your crops will be more ready-for-transplant.
  • The result: the environment, your customers, and your accountant will thank you.
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Root Rescue’s Transplanter is an all natural, organic tool that allows us all to:

1. Fight against soil health decline;
2. Improve the health of our plants from the roots up;
3. And strike a heavy blow against climate change.

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