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There’s nothing worse than having a happy client turn sour when they see their recently planted oasis struggle. Replacement planting hurts your bottom line, increases labour costs, and damages your professional reputation

But by choosing to use Root Rescue’s Transplanter, you can:

  • Virtually eliminate the expense of transplant failure (hyperlink to the Guelph study info)
  • Save $$ on materials, time, and labour
  • Enhance your professional reputation
  • Introduce your clients to a superior non-synthetic product.
  • Become an innovator in sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping.
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“I began using this product and have experienced the lowest rate of transplant shock in my tenure of landscaping. I have one site where we have planted in excess of 100 trees, 300 shrubs, and well over 1,000 perennials and to date, we have lost 2 trees!! That's amazing and good for business to say the least. In fact, all species are showing signs of better colour and strength and are exceeding growth rate expectations. We incorporated a high-grade compost (which we have done for years) along with a soil drench of Root Rescue, and with these results I cannot see planting without this microbial marvel.”

Tom Cavan - Stellar Landscapes, Acton ON

What is Root Rescue Transplanter?

  • ● Root Rescue's Transplanter is formulated and proven (link to U o G study) to help plants adapt to the soil environment on any planting site.
  • ● The formulation delivers a host of dormant mycorrhizal fungi (link to MF info) directly and evenly to the root zone of the plant
  • ● Delivering the dormant fungal spores into the soil around the roots wakes them up – and within days they will begin to form a life-long beneficial symbiosis with plant roots.
  • ● These fascinating fungi form partnerships with the roots of plants (in undisturbed natural landscapes) all over North America. They partner with plant roots and secure resources in the soil that roots alone cannot find.
  • ● Plants that have mycorrhizal communities working with their roots are much more resilient and are more able to cope with the shock of being moved from the nursery to their new home.
  • ● The use of Transplanter’s mycorrhiza-rich formula eliminates the need for synthetic plant start products (And that’s a big WIN for everyone!).

The result is plant success.
And happy plants means happy clients!

The client doesn't want to see their beautiful new plants struggle – and you don't want the phone call when they do.

“I have a few ideas about offering customers a one-time Root Rescue application. I am truly amazed at what Root Rescue does to help a garden mature in a very short amount of time and we want to share this with more than just our regular clients. Root Rescue needs to become an industry staple for every planting, plants thrive and very few plants need replacing - which saves us money. Neighbors and clients are shocked by how fast the garden grows.”

Val from Garden Essentials

“You have an amazing product! My company uses it in all of our installs and maintenance work. I believe that every garden in the world should use this product.”

Darian - Vision Landscaping & Design

“All our client gardens get an application of Root Rescue at the start of every season. We are getting consistently great results - healthy plants, water retentive soil, reduced insect pressure. All good! Thank you for a great product that is now standard issue for all our gardens.”

Arlene from Bufco

“Root Rescue has been working very well on everything we use it on! It upgrades our image and backs up our word. We would be happy to add a direct link to Root Rescue on all of our websites to help drive even more traffic your way.”

Peter from Maximum Tree Care

Best of all, Transplanter is easy to apply!

Transplanter is a wettable powder that uses water to deliver its benefits quickly and evenly to the root zone as you plant - or after planting - whatever works for you.

It is impossible to over-apply or burn roots using our totally organic Transplanter solution. Once the root zone is saturated with the Transplanter solution, any runoff will only benefit nearby plantings or lawns. So be generous - it’s all good!

Application Details

Application Equipment Options and Recommendations for Contractors

1.High-volume, recirculating, tank applicators are ideal for the efficient application of the solution. The equipment's in-line screens should allow for the passage of particles 212 microns or smaller (No. 70 Screen). Do not use equipment that was previously used for the application of insecticides or fungicides. Once in the water, the wettable powder disperses quickly; 30 seconds of mechanical agitation will thoroughly mix the solution.

2.The Transplanter MS-CS solution can also be delivered into the root zone using a pressurized root-feeder probe injector. Use this equipment to inject the solution into the root zone and backfill of newly planted - or previously planted trees. Established trees, shrubs or conifers can also be treated using this type of root feeder equipment; inject a generous amount of solution into a wide band at the drip-line anytime that the roots are active (spring, summer or fall). Transplanter MS-CS is not a synthetic, and will not burn roots when mixed and applied as directed. Established plants can benefit from repeated applications. When using this type of low-volume/high-pressure equipment - keep the maximum pump pressure below 200 psi. The re-circulating feature of the pump will keep the mixture in suspension as you work.

3.You can also use a simple hose-end, siphon-type applicator to mix and apply the solution while you plant (or after planting). Hose-end siphon-type applicators mix concentrated solutions into a final application dilution as water passes through the mixing head from a typical garden hose. As water passes through the mixing head a siphon tube draws a pre-mixed concentrate out of a jar (typically attached below the mixing head) at a fixed or adjustable ratio. As the solution is applied, the concentrate jar is slowly emptied. Dial type hose-end applicators have an adjustable mixing ratio based on where the dial is set.

Watch a landscape contractor apply Transplanter MS-CS:

About dial type hose-end applicators

Most dial type hose-end applicators are metric; when the dial is set to 30, 30 ml (milliliters) of a solution will be siphoned from the concentrate jar for every 1000 ml (Litre) of water passing through the mixer head. Transplanter MS-CS mixes easily with water, even when mixed at multiple times the normal dilution rate. So using a hose-end siphon mixer applicator is a very easy and efficient way to apply the solution on a landscape site.


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