Demand the best...Deliver the best.

As a grower/dealer, you are the root source of the trees and plants that landscape contractors (and home gardeners) use to make the world a greener, better place.

Not only is it important for you to deliver the healthiest trees and plants to the marketplace, it is also increasingly necessary for you to do so in the most sustainable way possible.

Fortunately, we at Root Rescue have perfected a line of cutting edge products (our Transplanter line) to help you meet the needs of your most demanding clients.

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How does Root Rescue save your business $$ and grow your brand?

  • Tree and plant survival rates increase (pre and post transplant).
  • Your reliance on synthetic fertilizers decreases (not only a $$ saver...but a planet saver to boot).
  • Irrigation demand and the burden on your irrigation infrastructure eases (link to MC info re irrigation efficiency) (Again, you save $$, protect your irreplaceable soil resources, and defend the environment).
  • Your business steps forward to meet the ever increasing demands of your environmentally sensitive clientele.


Root Rescue’s Transplanter is not just environmentally sustainable; it is environmentally restorative!

“I am truly amazed at what Root Rescue does to help a garden mature in a very short amount of time and we want to share this with more than just our regular clients. Root Rescue needs to become an industry staple for every planting. Plants thrive and very few plants need replacing - which saves us money. Neighbors and clients are shocked by how fast the garden grows.”

Val from Garden Essentials

Become a Root Rescue Dealer

Root Rescue would like you to use Transplanter when you grow your crops, but we would also love for you to supply Transplanter to the contractors who buy your plants. Be the first link in the chain to greater sustainability!

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Application is Easy (even in a commercial setting)

  • Root Rescue’s Transplanter is a highly concentrated wettable powder that can easily be applied to your crops at various stages of production or during the lining-out process.
  • Easily mixed in water, the active ingredients remain in suspension for at least 5 minutes before beginning to precipitate.
  • Gentle agitation (mechanical or manual) is all that’s required to keep the product in suspension.
  • High-volume, recirculating tank applicators are ideal for the efficient application of the solution as a drench.
  • The equipment’s in-line screens should allow for the passage of particles 212 microns or smaller.
  • Alternatively, the wettable powder can be applied dry while lining-out dormant bare root stock

After-Planting Application

  • Transplanter can be injected into the root zone of newly planted (or previously planted) trees, shrubs, evergreens, or perennials with a pressurized root feeder probe.
  • Generously inject the solution in a wide band at the drip-line, and also drench the surface soil.
  • Transplanter is not a synthetic product, so the solution cannot be over-applied, and it will never burn roots.
  • Once the target soil is saturated, any runoff will simply benefit nearby plants or turf.
  • Apply anytime the roots are active: spring, summer, or fall.
  • When using a low-volume, high pressure root feeder, keep the max pressure on your equipment below 200 psi.
  • Previously untreated plants will benefit from an application (or multiple applications) up to 3-years after planting. It’s never too late to add the benefits of Transplanter.

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