Root Rescue Weather has Arrived! Throw your New Plantings a Life Line!

This is just the kind of Sunny, Hot, Dry weather that creates Dangerous Stress for New Landscape Plantings

Here's the local forecast where I live here at the west end of Lake Ontario. This drought weather pattern leads to the failure of all kinds of landscape plants that garden centres and landscape contractors guarantee. Millions of dollars worth of landscape plants will be planted in Southern Ontario in the next 10 days - will they all succeed? Drought conditions in the first summer season can be fatal for new landscape plants. When the University of Guelph tested Root Rescue Transplanter, they found that plant survival rates improved measurably - especially in the first critical weeks and months after planting on a landscape site. The University of Guelph designed a series of tests to see if Transplanter would reduce plant stress (water stress) during drought conditions. Four years of testing, on thousands of landscape trees, produced convincing proof that the Root Rescue treatment gave newly transplanted landscape plants a big advantage in hot, dry weather.

Here's how to hook-up a Stem Psychrometer and record water stress 24/7:

Here's what the U of G's Drought Testing of Root Rescue Transplanter found:

As consecutive days without rain start to build up, recently planted landscape plants begin to drop into a deep pattern of water stress. The red line in the graph above maps the average stress of 7 non-treated trees in a test group, the blue line maps the average stress of 7 treated trees). If this stress goes unchecked, many new landscape plants will be badly damaged - or fail outright.

Here's what it looks like when a new tree lacks Root Rescue's mycorrhizal advantage in drought. It's not hard to tell which trees were given a leg-up by getting just a single treatment of Transplanter on planting day.

Giving newly planted landscape plants the Root Rescue Mycorrhizal Advantage can be the difference between success and failure in the first summer season. And the Root Rescue advantage will remain with the plant for life.