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2x 45-Gram Root Rescue Transplanter (Free Shipping)

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Use Transplanter whenever you plant Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Perennials Annuals or Food Crops. Transplanter is an OMRI Canada Registered Organic Plant Starter.

Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally; reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

Use Root Rescue's Transplanter when you plant new trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials, annuals or food crops . Give them a healthy start – the beneficial soil fungi in Transplanter (a rich consortium of 18 different species of Mycorrhizal fungi) will go to work immediately helping your new plants, and they will stay with your new plant for life. Once and Done.

Transplanter is a wettable powder containing 18 species of Mycorrhizae and bio-stimulants. Easily mixed in water, Transplanter is applied as a drench to the root zone.

The 45-gram pack makes 75 Litres of solution and will treat 40 x 1 Gallon plants, or 2 x 24” (60 cm) Wire Basket Trees. CFIA Reg #: 2015122A.


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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Bos-Landry

2x 45 Gram Root Rescue Transplanter (Free Shipping)

Shirley A Duncan
Root Rescue

My son-in-law, who is an arborist in Toronto, uses Root Rescue in his work. He recommended I get some for my gardening project which involves "renaturalizing" a large area of our property. I have used it transplanting native trees and shrubs. So far, all these plants seem to be thriving!

Thank you for taking the time to review our product Shirley - much appreciated. And Indeed - the 18 species of mycorrhizal fungi in the Transplanter formulation were all selected from undisturbed natural environments. All Native plants are 'delighted' to form a highly-functional symbiosis with Transplanter's fungi in your garden soil. Hybridised plants were all once Natives themselves, and these plants will also form a symbiosis with their old friends from the forest. But many folks have observed that Root Rescue and Native plants are definitely on the same wavelength. 'The Force is Strong' with these ones. Cheers! Bob

Ingrid Mayr
too soon to tell

I can only rate the ordering and delivery service, which were all excellent. It's too soon to tell how the product works, I only applied it 1-2 weeks ago. I will review the success to my plants and trees in a few months, especially if the ones that are suffering improve. Also, I sent an email with a question a week ago and I haven't had a response so customer service rating does not get 5 stars.

Hello Ingrid. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your project - I'm confident that your trees will accrue benefits from the treatment. Time and budget permitting, in high-stress situations, it's a good idea to apply a 2nd treatment of Transplanter (to maximise the extent of mycorrhizal colonisation on the roots). PS - I apologise for your emailed message being missed in our inbox - our bad. I'll be sending you a response to your questions via an email reply next. Have a great Spring 2023. Cheers! Bob

Pamela Westgate
Order not yet received

Please advise. I did download Shop App but got no result when tracking Canpar.

Hi Pamela. Apologies, I've checked with our warehouse and indeed, the order was not picked-up by Canpar as expected - and there was no follow-through on the error. All our fault... We can express ship (overnight) the order out today, or refund your order. Let me know what you would prefer - once again, I'm sorry that we dropped the ball with your order.

Anne-Marie Chapleau
Great to improve seedlings health!

It really makes a difference!

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